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Hello guys!

I tried to find help on other forums but was unable to do so. If anyone can help me, please answer in this thread.

I have nokia N95, which has a firmware 20.something... Several times I have tried to update it using Nokia Software Updater but nothing helped! It constantly shows me that after 15 minutes my phone is disconnected :anger: I tried to remove my memory card, turned off anti-virus and update it, nothing new again... Phone has russian language, because I am trying to learn russian while communicating with close friend from Moscow.
My russian is really bad, so I cannot use search. Please don't blame me for creating new thread.

Waiting to hear from anyone!

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HeyFromUK, hi :-) I didn't understood, your N95 works or not? If it doesn't work, go to the Nokia Care point (repair services). They will help you.
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