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We have a bunch of templates and you may create your own vanity clothing, even the car mounts so that you can produce your own car designs. We have types of tools in the game, tools, which you may use to create your personal music. You can play as a band. There is a concert hall where you can play with friends and family. They do their very own competitions. Those are all types of social and modern trends like Roblox, such as Minecraft, those games Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos. Those are integrated at a MapleStory way.

Can you talk to the philosophy behind the microtransaction version? We do understand that MapleStory 1 includes a kind of reputation of like pay-to-win. In the time we weren't concerned about that. Good thing is developers for MapleStory 2 are well aware that it should never end being pay-to-win. We worked with our development group and the main items available in the sport are similar to our variant of MapleStory. I was a producer working on MapleStory 1 around 2005-06. There was a philosophy we'd as a group that we weren't going to sell additional XP coupons, and at the time our best vendors were pets, hair vouchers, so our version is actually similar to that.

A few things that we're currently adding on top of this is because of our designer's shop. Players can buy templates for like a couple of dollars. They can design their own stuff, and sell it. So, 1 difference is going to be our content founders in the sport will have the ability to make our money [Blue Merets] by creating selling and clothing them. And we get a small cut of the revenue.We've really taken comments from the players, like'we're concerned that is pay-to-win' so we've removed pretty much exactly what [pay-to-win]. So, now we are at a location where we're really thinking through and ensuring we're have a lot of a revenue stream to sustain the service in case, you know, we don't make enough. But looking at the looks of the game, we are very confident. Like, the characters are cute, people are really into customization right now. So we're convinced we sustain the service and can maintain our present version.

Games are moving towards a kind of live service version, continuously feeding content to the game Wikipedia. Will this be the situation for MapleStory 2? We've got pretty much all our roadmap planned outside to Q1 2019 for now. It is going to unquestionably be similar to MapleStory 1 when I had been working on the game where we're going six, seven weeks beforehand. If not, we optimizations during our services or could not receive any localized stuff.

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